2/13/17 Board Meeting

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Capital Facilities Project Senior Director Dr. Dan Zaich provided a preview of the upcoming February 27th Study Session where architects will be present to share what is going on with projects site-by-site, the CEQA approach for each project, and responses to the stadium EIR.


Dr. Zaich reviewed that all sites are well into design committee meetings to move work along to next steps. He provided an explanation of the Ed Specification Process which is a procurement process based on curricular needs with input from Educational Services and the IT departments. He reviewed a move toward electronic data storage for electronic archives of blue prints for easy accessibility. Modular building procurement is underway. He reviewed the CHPS assessment tool score card; a future study session will cover in more depth. He provided background into the capabilities of the Decision Insite software program that is being used for student enrollment projections; shared a sample of the data layout and a staffing calculator. Trustees received a draft of an Adopt-a-School project for board members' participation in school design committees. He provided trustees with packets containing letters received to date in response to the SRHS stadium EIR.