3/27/17 Board Meeting

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Dr. Zaich reviewed the Education Specifications (Ed Specs) project to connect curriculum needs to the 21st century. He introduced Kathleen Moore who has worked with the California Department of Education (CDE) to improve the Ed Specs process for the state. A SRCS Executive Steering Committee with representation from Education Services has been meeting with Ms. Moore and is putting together a survey for all teachers.

Ms. Moore explained what Ed Specs are and the process. Ed Specs is a text document that describes program and needs - a means of effective communication between educators and design professionals for a better outcome for 21st century schools that puts students at the focus of the program. Ed Specs is a requirement for the CDE.

Ms. Moore reviewed major components of Ed Specs as philosophy, vision, educational goals and requirements for instructional areas, i.e. math near science. The Executive Committee drafts guiding principles and a teacher survey that will go out in April. April - June will be meetings with Ed Specs committees involving teachers, and other professionals at site level, the end users, parents and students. In July, the Ed Specs document will be vetted by the Executive Committee and the Board. The teacher survey will inform the Committee; all teachers will have a say.

Four areas will be looked at in the Ed Specs: the learning environment for 21st century learning; safety/security with secure schools that are welcoming and aesthetically pleasing; community focus- schools as community centers that are accessible, but can be closed down to prevent vandalism; and architectural quality - a stimulating and robust area for students.

Ms. Moore provided a sample of the survey being developed for teachers which will have approximately 20 questions. Ms. Moore and staff responded to trustee questions regarding the survey.

Trustee Jackson was pleased to hear creating school environments that are welcoming and aesthetically pleasing is a priority when it comes to creating safe/secure campuses.