5/9/17 Board Meeting

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Senior Director Dr. Dan Zaich provided an update on modular procurement work and highlights of the team's work:

- Met with city officials, public works, city planner, SRHS principal and the CFP team to talk about mitigation efforts with the city, and alternate drop-off and traffic issues around the neighborhood; positive discussions. A follow-up joint meeting with the city will be planned.

-CASH update: California is seeing large increases in escalation in every project; shortages in metals and a boom in the industry are starting to affect our work; HVAC work is moving forward but it has been hard to get bids

- Safe routes is planning a walkabout around SRHS campus next Friday morning when traffic is happening. Safe routes can help with grant funding

- Stadium project is in negotiations; a Save the Date for the groundbreaking ceremony has been sent out

Dr. Zaich provided a summary on each school site project for DMS, VV, LD, and SP, noting site design committees have been active in this work. 

Bill Savidge with VanPelt reviewed the process with modulars has shorter schedules and design and engineering are included. Modular vendors have been interviewed and different modular types in Marin and in the Bay Area have been reviewed. The recommendation is to begin using the lease-leaseback procurement process. The Laurel Dell project will be the first one to look at. Once approved through DSA, the District will receive a guaranteed maximum price. Mr. Savidge provided information regarding the lease-leaseback transparent process for best value. As a public organization the District is required to follow a procurement process per CA code and use a best value evaluation criteria to select a vendor. The best value criteria will be brought to the next Board meeting.

In response to Trustee Knell's questions about lease-leaseback, Mr. Savidge and Mr. VanPelt explained how lease-leaseback works, with the district always retaining ownership of the property, and the advantages to using it vs. design build contract so as not have overages and change orders. Dr. Watenpaugh reminded the Board that modulars were included in the Board approved capital facilities plan last spring, policy regarding lease-leaseback was recently brought to the Board for approval, and a legal update was provided on the subject in January with a recommendation to use it; the only way we can do projects we have slated.

Staff responded to trustee questions regarding the traffic plan for site delivery of the modular buildings; and DMS, VV, SP and LD all going modular. The HSD did not indicate a need to use modular; they are currently looking at master plans and looking at budgetary elements.

Trustee Jackson noted that the district is exempt from local jurisdiction regulations. She expressed her preference for 'stick' building over modular and the need to include the school site in selection of the program. Dr. Zaich noted that the topic has been discussed in site decision committee meetings.

Trustee Llorens Gulati expressed the need for safe routes to school, asking that a multi-use path be kept in mind as the site is being designed, and figuring out how much funding would be needed for it; look at partnerships? Dr. Watenpaugh noted a conflict with the fire station egress and the proposed area for a multi-use pathway. He also noted that remediation on the field would need to be done before a multi-use pathway.

The following individual addressed the Board regarding this item:

- Katina Pantazes, CSEA: regarding buy back not to exceed amount; it was noted that a guaranteed maximum price is attained as part of the process