6/12/17 Board Meeting

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Senior Director Dr. Zaich reported on:

- An outline of the agreement with GNP for the SRHS stadium project

- Site committees are working to realign and confirm master plans

- Reviewed the history of the stadium project planning from June 2015, when the projected project estimate was $8.2M

- Reviewed the Board approved stadium budget with an $11.6M estimate, which included $2M work of fundraising; now the guaranteed maximum price (GMP) price has been negotiated down to $10.8 M, which reduces the fundraising need to $264K at this time.

- With contingency and escalation the total stadium project budget is $12.6M

Mark Van Pelt noted the work that went into getting a GMP that includes the full project. The contingency of 5% will be carried by the contractor, but they will have to ask permission from the district before they can dip into it. EIR mitigation measures are also included. Finding contractors to do the work is difficult in this marketplace but $10.8M is reasonable after negotiations. The biggest part of the project increase is in escalation. GNP is a great contractor for this project.

Dr. Zaich reviewed that the lease-leaseback contract is being brought for approval and DWK provided a legal vetting of the contract. He reviewed 3D renderings of SRHS and the floor plan of TLHS.

He also reported on Ed Specs work and feedback, work at TL, pre-project planning phase at SRHS, BV shade structure bids, DMS waterproofing of Building 10, schematics and revisions to the DMS master plan which will be brought forward to the Board. Prop 39 work is underway; working with the Sustainability Committee.

Bill Savage reviewed budgets for both sites, the stadium and HVAC projects.

Dr. Zaich responded to trustee questions regarding budget, state bond funds, timeline for the stadium, geotechnical work for DMS, stadium fundraising, and communication about the new budget with the site committee.