7/24/17 Board Meeting

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Senior Director Dr. Dan Zaich introduced an update that will provide a construction project report, project status, VV schematic design, lease-leaseback methodology review, a review of the ESD expenditure budgets and future steps.

Mark Van Pelt reported:
- The SRHS stadium project is underway, with some minor, low level hazmat pipe and paint issues. Noise and dust are being monitored on a regular basis in consideration of the neighbors. A communication regarding lime treatment that will produce steam has been sent to the neighborhood to keep them aware. In response to Trustee Jackson's question regarding impact on classes after school begins, Mr. Van Pelt noted that they are working with the contractor to minimize noise and avoid disruption to the educational program.

- The HVAC projects at TLHS and SRHS are underway. SRHS drawings were a month delayed by the DSA, so the project will continue after the start of school, and will be done afterschool and on Saturdays

- BV shade structure is being fabricated off site and will be delivered in August. The project will go beyond the start of school, but should be completed shortly thereafter

- Bids for the DMS roofing project for 10 Wing will be held on August 3. The work is scheduled to completed during off hours to be done before winter rains begin

In response to Trustee Llorens Gulati's question regarding a pilot for solar, Dr. Zaich pointed out that the firm that was hired to do solar procurement will begin to make recommendations. There will be a special study session for the Board to look at recommendations for green standards.

Dr. Zaich, the lead designer for VV Mel Tan and Andrew Lee from Parisi traffic consultants, reviewed the Venetia Valley schematic design:

- A community meeting was held on the design and positive feedback was received

- Feedback was received from the community, the JCC, school staff and the principal regarding moving the driveway further to the North to maximize the drop-off/pick-up areas, with a widened walkway in between for safety. Discussion was held regarding parking in the rear of the school for staff, the esthetics of the school with additional asphalt in front, adding parking for visitors in the front of the school, the potential of adding a second speed table, and access for students walking from the East.

Mel Tan reviewed 1st and 2nd story plans, the replacement of the MPR building, and the additional classroom, office and family center spaces. Design development will begin after the Board approves the schematic; hope to have DSA approval in the 2nd quarter of next year. In response to Trustee Jackson's question about covered access to the library and gym, Mr. Tan noted that the current scope of work is in replacing the classrooms and MPR, but covered access is being looked into. Mr. Tan responded to additional trustee questions regarding adding bollards or planters as safety obstacles near the entrance between the street and where benches are planned, and the esthetics of the fire road that will be added. 

Dr. Zaich confirmed trustees' support to approve the schematics and move forward to the design and development stage.

DWK attorney Lauren Charneski provided a brief overview of the procurement of modular buildings and lease-leaseback methodology, citing the benefits of lease-leaseback.

Dr. Zaich reviewed ESD program budget key points: the VV gym will be remodeled and not replaced; expert analysis has eliminated a lot of the phasing for interim housing, with the cost savings allowing for the design of a new MPR; elimination of HVAC system from the DMS administration building is allowing emergency repairs of the 10 Wing; the budget is a balanced one. Dr. Zaich and Mr. Van Pelt responded to Trustee Jackson's question about the increased costs in the BV budget due to escalation and the condition of the soil on site requiring piers.

Trustee Jackson asked that the budget information be uploaded to the agenda.

Next steps were reviewed: a study session specific to budget review and reporting will be scheduled; a Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee annual report will be brought to the last meeting in August; the Schoening Group will provide assistance with communication templates for community understanding; education specs and district green building standards will be reviewed in an upcoming study session; a contractor's faire will be held on Aug 16 at the Sheraton, sponsored by Van Pelt to raise the opportunity with local companies to recruit locally to build these projects.