8/14/17 Board Meeting


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Senior Director Dr. Dan Zaich provided an update on Capital Facilities projects:

  • Air conditioning work at TL is almost complete; last units will be installed in 3 weeks. Trustee Llorens Gulati inquired about the increased costs to run the new air conditioning and the potential of setting up solar panels/renewable energy. Dr. Zaich noted there is no room on the TL roof for solar, but Sage Energy Renewables is currently evaluating and analyzing our districts solar potential.  Staffing will be working with the SRCS Sustainability Committee and our students to review next steps. Trustee Jackson inquired about the profile of the air condensers on the roof asking if they can be screened off for esthetics and to lessen noise impact. Dr. Zaich noted that the energy management control system will schedule when the condensers should be running to minimize noise for the neighbors.
  • HVAC has been installed in all classrooms at SRHS
  • Bid information for the DMS 10 wing waterproofing of the roof is on this Consent Agenda
  • BV shade structure is underway
  • SRHS demolition work has begun
  • Only AC on the second floor of TL was in the bond, but through project and budget management and adjustments, first floor AC was able to be added 

Kathleen Moore, Education Specifications (Ed Specs) consultant reviewed the process to gather input for specifications for 21st century classrooms that meet design guiding principles to make them: student and teacher centered, secure and aesthetically pleasing, neighborhood centers, and of high architectural quality. Ms. Moore reviewed the process used to gather input from elementary district staff members at each site for the ed specs. She reviewed six themes in the ed specs: to provide parity, instructional technology, sustainability, STEAM and other specialty learning space, family centers, learning spaces, and general standards for doors, windows and floors. The final Ed Specs for the Elementary District will be brought back to the Board for final approval on August 28, after which they will be submitted to the CDE for approval, and to the architects. The high school projects specs require more work with staffs.

Trustee Knell discussed the importance of communicating the specifications to the public so they can understand the standards set. Trustee Jackson asked that an introductory paragraph be added to the beginning to explain the six themes as they were reviewed by Ms. Moore. In response to President Kertz's questions regarding what the 'life span' is of this document before it needs to be revisited, Ms. Moore noted that it has about a five-year shelf life, but because areas such as IT change so often, those areas could be updated more frequently.