8/28/17 Board Meeting

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Click here to download the San Pedro Elementary schematic design presentation.


Senior Director Dr. Dan Zaich noted that CBOC members were in the audience, taking a break from their concurrent meeting to hear the CFP update.

Dr Zaich reported:

- The Education Specifications (Ed Specs) has been revised and finalized after further input which included suggestions from Trustees Jackson and Tuatagaloa; it is on this agenda for approval.

- The team worked overnight to get classrooms ready for the first day of school at SRHS; TL thermostats were tested the day before school to make sure they were ready for the first day of school

- A TL alum who works for the synthetic turf maintenance team, coordinated work on the TL field free of charge to patch the field and get it ready for students

- Training and directions on how to use the new AC thermostats will be provided for teachers and staff

- An independent auditor on site at SRHS will verify the work that is happening

- Mark Van Pelt provided a brief overview of the stadium project impacts that have shifted the timeline for completion to March 2018: a full EIR for the entire campus, not just the stadium which was finalized in March, followed by a month long challenge period that ended in May; legal counsel recommended waiting until the challenge period was over to begin construction; when the contractor came in $3M over budget negotiations with the contractor took 2 1/2 weeks longer than anticipated to get to a project within budget, moving board approval to June. In response to Trustee Llorens Gulati’s question about whether rain would delay the estimated completion date, Mr. Van Pelt noted that rain days are factored into the contract so there should not be delays unless there is above average excessive rain. He also noted in response to other trustee questions that there are no must starts before Oct. 15 and spring sports can begin on the stadium grounds as soon it is completed. Trustee Llorens Gulati requested that communications be shared with SRHS parents either at Back to School night, in newsletters, or coffee with the principal, regarding an update on the stadium completion date, and an explanation of funding for the stadium versus funding for programs.

- The Bahia Vista shelter was delivered today

- Design updates were reviewed for DMS, Glenwood, LD, VV, SR, Madrone and TL

- This Consent Agenda includes a lease-leaseback selection process and criteria for DMS, LD and SP.

- Marcus Hibser of Hibser Yamauchi Architects reviewed the San Pedro School schematic design and the challenges in development. The project as it was reflected in the Master Facilities Plan was not within budget; higher costs with modulars and temporary housing. After review of criteria and taking into consideration the key points for what was needed at the site, the current schematic design was brought in at $11.3M, with a $11.7M budget. The site facilities committee is happy with the new design; meeting with staff this week to review it. In response to Trustee Llorens Gulati’s questions regarding whether an awning or covered walk path was included for the rain, can there be consideration of the garden farm to table program, do kinders have their own playground, and the possibility of kids breaking classroom windows when playing baseball,  Mr. Hibser noted there are no canopies designed to provide rain coverage for students, they will need to continue doing what they have been doing; they can look into more integration of the farm to table garden program; kindergarteners do have their own playground; and balls hit by the youth team that uses the baseball field are not likely to reach the nearby classroom windows. In addition, he clarified that the need for temporary housing was eliminated with this new design, a cost savings; trying to preserve the Little League field, hopefully to regulation size; the new drop off/pick up design with added parking that takes all 11 buses off the street, should make a difference in traffic congestion;; the current design will need to be shared with the neighborhood association. Trustee Tuatagaloa noted he was contacted by the Loch Lommond HOA which is very interested in what the vision is for San Pedro. Trustee Jackson suggested with the excess budget that they look at building covered walkways to provide rain canopies for students, and making improvements to the MPR to make it more functional. In response to Trustee Tuatagaloa's questions regarding maintenance of the tunnel, Dr. Zaich noted that it is the City that maintains it; he will follow up with them at a meeting scheduled for this week.