10/23/17 Board Meeting

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Senior Director Dr. Dan Zaich introduced an update on construction projects and upcoming facilities items. Bill Savidge with Van Pelt Construction Services provided an overview of construction change orders.

Dr. Zaich reported:

- Terra Linda HS HVAC project is complete

- San Rafael HS HVAC, which had different issues than TL, is moving quickly and should be done by month's end

- San Rafael stadium project underground utilities are going in; lime treatment notices have been sent twice to neighbors

- Concrete slabs are being poured for the BV shelter

- The DMS roof work project is still underway; hoping to complete it before November rains

- Holding SRHS design update meetings to discuss interim housing, the Student Commons/kitchen and administration building

- Meeting with the Madrone HS Site Design Committee which is at a point where staff would like to see the final schematic before it comes to the Board in November

- A movie of models simulating the front of the new entrance to San Rafael and the quad area was shown

- The architect chalked out where all the new buildings will be at SRHS. The Site Design Committee is taking a little longer to move through the design work phase to make sure to get this project right

- Meetings regarding the TLHS Student Commons, kitchen, Black Box Drama building and the CT/library building renovations which will include a Maker's Space with a Physics lab; science and math teachers are getting really engaged; indoor/outdoor spaces being created

- Terra Linda has a very engaged Site Design Committee

- This Friday Requests for Qualifications and Proposals (RQPs) for ESD projects will be due; using the lease leaseback delivery method that will require general contractors to pair with modular vendors to produce the best product for the district; a competitive process with awards to be brought forward in November. Dr. Zaich reviewed that negotiations for the guaranteed maximum price (GMP) cannot be done until the projects are approved by DSA

- Legal counsel from Dannis Woliver and Kelley will be present at the November meeting to review CEQA plans for each project; the recommendation is to combine DMS, DMS Annex and Laurel Dell projects into one CEQA study because of their proximity to each other

- Regarding the solar procurement process - an investment grade feasibility study was presented to our team with projections and costs for solar, with the recommendation to use Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs). If CREBs funds are used, solar has to be on site within two years, which may not work in our construction schedule. Information will be brought to the Board in December

Bill Savidge provided an overview of change orders:

- A change order is a written agreement by both parties

- Various types of change orders: for unforeseen conditions with site, ground, building, design coordination; design errors and omissions with varying severity; changes in regulatory agencies requirements; changes originated by the owner; changes due to the unavailability of specified materials

- In anticipation of change orders, budgets are built with a 10% contingency for every project

- Process for change order: contractor submits a request for information, next comes a construction change directive, then the execution of a change order

- Hard bidding/design build model has a different change order structure from lease leaseback; hard bidding change orders are brought to the Board for approval, with the work being done to keep job flow going, but the contract change is not final until Board approved. With lease leaseback the change order contingency is already in the General Maximum Price (GMP) so the Board does not need to approve, but it is reported to the Board. Information about burn rate of contingency spending is brought to the Board.

In response to Trustee Llorens Gulati's question about whether project costs and deliveries will be impacted by the recent fires in the Northbay, Dr. Zaich noted that the fires have already impacted project timelines; the deadline for RQPs was pushed back to include contractors in the Northbay. Mr. Savidge shared that he believes there is a lot of interest in SRCS projects among school contractors.

Trustee Jackson commented that the SR Site Design Committee has a committed parent group that is taking more time to get it right. She will not be able to make the next meeting on Nov. 2 and encouraged another trustee to go in her place. She commented that the architect spent time on the Student Commons building but the STEAM building does not match in quality. She noted there is a push to look at an entry up 4th Street to the facade and encouraged getting a conceptual design for that so parent feel heard.

President Kertz expressed her concerns that this could be spending time and funds on a conceptual design that will not be used and may delay the timelines even more; it is not in the Master Plan. She stressed the need to be clear of the intent.

Trustee Llorens Gulati added that it is not just parents who are requesting this path but Safe Routes to Schools is looking for the safest route for students to get to SRHS. She added we want to be ready with a design for funding opportunities.

Trustee Tuatagaloa clarified that the Board is not giving direction to provide a path; the committee still needs to talk about it. He cited the many factors to consider with a path, such as building in a flood plain; could take years and funds the District does not have. He also reviewed that the Board will receive information about contingency spending with lease leaseback, but does not approve any change orders.