Senior Director, Strategic Facility Planning

  • Tim Ryan is the Senior Director of Strategic Facility Planning for San Rafael City Schools and oversees projects in the bond program. If you would like information on the Bond program, please call 415-492-3285.

Program Management Services

  • VPCS The SRCS Board of Education approved the hiring of Van Pelt Construction Services (VPCS) in 2016 to guide the program, and again in 2022 to continue providing program management services for Bond Measures B & C. VPCS will work in collaboration with District staff, architects, contractors and consultants in all phases of construction, including:

    • Planning and design development
    • Procurement of contractors and related services
    • Construction of new and renovation of existing facilities
    • Project close-out and commissioning


    Van Pelt Construction Services publishes monthly progress reports to share detailed and up-to-date information on several components of the SRCS Bond Program work, including: budget, schedule, task list, current status and more for each project. 

  • Key VPCS personnel for SRCS’ program include:


    Mark Van Pelt
    Principal in Charge

    Bill Savidge
    Assistant Program Manager

    Patti Llamas
    Operations Manager

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