Master Facilities Plan

  • The updated 2022 Facilities Master Plan was prepared after voters approved bond measures B and C in June, 2022. Measure B will invest $216 million in high schools while $152 million will be invested in elementary schools through Measure C.


    2022 master plan


    The review of Districtwide capital facilities projects started in 2020 as many of the projects from 2015's Bond Measures A and B were complete or underway. This process identified needed District capital projects, with a focus on high performance classrooms and learning environments; climate resiliency and sustainability; functional and operational support; and campus safety and security. The report was presented in May, 2022. Please click the draft report cover below to view it.


    facility report cover



    A comprehensive process involving District stakeholders created the District's Master Facilities Plan in 2014 to ensure that the District has the facilities and resources to support a robust educational offering for all its students. The process consisted of 28 sessions involving more than 300 participants.

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