Workshop #3

  • Gathering Feedback on Revised Program Maps

    On March 30, we continued our series of community workshops on our school facilities to gather input as we build a plan to implement our District-wide Master Facilities Plan. More than 130 parents, teachers, staff, students and community members attended.

    The focus of the workshop was on revised program maps for the Elementary School District and High School District. The program maps are the roadmaps for the District to implement its Capital Facilities Program, which is funded by the November 2015 bond measures. Input from previous workshops had informed the refinement of the plans, and updates were shared with the community for further discussion. 

    The presenters highlighted that the recommended program maps must: 

    • Balance the budget (revenue ~ expenditures)
    • Respond to community-identified priorities
    • Be flexible for fluctuations in enrollment, while meeting current overcrowding needs 
    • Stagger program and functions
    • Include management, soft costs, contingency and escalation
    • Fit in about eight years 
    • Account for swing space and sequencing 
    • AND: Lift achievement for every student, every day

    In small groups, the workshop participants reviewed the plans and discussed if they were ready to recommend the program maps move forward to the Board of Education for consideration, so the District can begin implementing the Capital Facilities Program. 

    In follow up to the workshop, school site meetings were held at Short Elementary School and Venetia Valley School. Parents, teachers, staff, students, Board members and District administrators attended these meetings to continue discussing the plans.

    As part of the next steps, the program maps and implementation plans will be presented for consideration at the next Board of Education meeting on Monday, April 18 at 6:00 pm at the District Office Board Room.

    Click here to view the presentation from Workshop #3.

Video: Workshop #3